Development Updates

Click here to view exciting image updates of the Warralily, Warralily Promenade and Warralily Coast sites!

Newland is the development manager for Warralily. Newland currently has over 8,700 lots in current projects across Australia. Warralily is one of these active projects. As the project is constantly evolving, we would like to keep you updated on the progress of construction activity on site. Click on the links below for a progress update for each stage. Civil works progress updates including the installation of roads, water services, drains and sewers, recycled water (purple pipe), electrical cables and optic fibre installation will be updated as each stage takes shape***. An update on title release* and settlement dates** for each stage will also be included.

  • Stage 1-11:

    At Warralily you can wander in parklands, dip your feet in the creek, kick a ball with your mates, and ride for hours with friends along bike paths and walking tracks. Expand your horizons, stretch out your arms and be one with nature.

  • Stages 21 - 39:

    Promenade is a new land release section of Warralily. It is the haven of tranquility. An active, outdoor lifestyle is encouraged in a unique setting, where the beauty of nature is captured for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Stages 50 - 62:

    A community feeling combining space and amenity as well as easy access to our celebrated beaches. Warralily Coast will provide a sanctuary for life enjoyment and offers the perfect balance.